Available Emergency Meal Kits

Seven-Day Kits for Older Adults or Health Plans

To quickly and efficiently meet demand for emergency meal kits needed to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, GA Foods is offering a single 7-meal kit.  

  • Kits are shelf-stable and do not require refrigeration.
  • Components are packaged in easy-to-open containers.
  • Meal kits can be shipped to your location.
  • Meals have a minimum 4-month shelf life.
  • Kits are sold by the pallet - 150 meal kits per pallet.
  • Home-delivery through our existing delivery fleet or third-party carrier (FedEx or UPS) may be available.
  • Fulfillment priority will be given to existing customers.
  • Minimum orders for new customers is 450 meal kits (3 pallets).


Click Image to Download Brochure:

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